Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Daily Roundup

Today during lunch I made a beeline for the gym (am LOVING the fact that 1) my office is a short 10 minute away from my gym and 2) that said gym is partially subsidized by my employer!!! This makes me v.v. happy. I had a nice lucious little run and returned to work. I had a delicious lunch of salad dressed with lemon oil, including two hardboiled eggs from the farmer's market.

I have worn a different pair of shoes each of the three days of my employment (two new, one not new but hasn't been worn very often in the past) and I have very charming three distinct areas on my feet. Errr. I wear flip flops during my walks to and from home/work but need to get this situation under control. Or my feet need to cowboy up a little more.

I got a flu shot this morning, so I am feeling slightly fizzybumples.

My co-worker had an extra diet coke today and she gave it to me. I must be making friends….

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j43026 said...

mmmmmmm, lemon oil...