Thursday, January 28, 2010


For a glimpse into the heart of New Orleans right now, go HERE. It's a great read.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What do art and football have in common? More than you think

The Arrival of a Packet-Boat, Evening

The Harbor of Dieppe

{These two painting are two of my most favorites, and hang opposite each other in the grand West Gallery of the Frick Collection.}

This story is amazing. I'm fortunate enough to know both Max and John, and knowing them makes the whole situation even funnier.

Turner is one of my absolute favorites, and having Max's painting here will be icing on this black and gold saint-shaped cake!

Where I've Been

Christmas holiday - perfection. Every moment was lovely.

Returned to New Orleans.

Got the flu, regular variety. Very unpleasant.

Recovered from the flu. Started school.

Went to Sarasota, FL with friends. It was beyond wonderful, and five days at the Ritz was the perfect antidote to a week with the flu.

Returned to New Orleans. The Saints won the first playoff game.

Got bronchitus. Very unpleasant.

Went to the NFC championship game anyways, and cheered as hard as I could!

Now recovering from bronchitus.

The Saints are headed to the SuperBowl and I'm back to school. All is well!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words; so 17 pictures instead of 17,000 words (although I do add in my 2 cents)

Irvin Mayfield's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" was spine-tinglingly good. Each time I am in the SuperDome I'm reminded of all the sadness and pain experienced during Katrina, and hearing our glorious national anthem inside that building is always a poignant moment.

Our boys preparing for battle.


The Viking said to the Saint, "Excuse me, but your butt is in my face."
The Saint replied, "Deal with it."

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie!

"I'm gonna make this touchdown no matter what!"

" Look guys, I made the touchdown!"

I think every single person held the breath during this kick.

And then the Dome exploded with screaming.

And we screamed!
And screamed!

And screamed!

And screamed!
And screamed!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this game, this season, this team, this city. It was amazing, they are amazing, and I am so very, very lucky to live here and to have been a part of this unbelievable season! I can't wait for THE PARTY IN THE MIA!!!!!!


{A who dat self portrait at the SuperDome. Notice the gold headbands - we were who dat warriors! You can't see the war paint, but it was black and gold and fabulous!}

Last night was one of the most awesome, insane, nerve-wracking, intense and BEST NIGHTS EVER!!!!!

My ears are still ringing, I screamed myself hoarse, but it was absolutely, totally and completely worth it. Our boys are headed to the Super Bowl!!!!!

WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!