Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh hello, blog. Lovely to see you again

A few of my loyal friends and family have pointed out that I have been on a blogging....hiatus, we'll call it. Basically, my entire life has been sucked into this wonderful vortex of school, meeting people, planning things, etc etc etc.

Still no time for actual sentences so let's get straight to business:
  • With the rest of the officers, planned this from start to finish. It was so much fun, so so much work, and no, I literally didn't sleep from February - last weekend. Am still recovering {hence the fact that the website STILL isn't updated, but I can't do the tech stuff and am at the mercy of others on this} but am really proud of myself and the awesome people I worked with. Made some great friends, am super inspired for next year, gave away lots of my pretty cards, and honestly still can't believe that's it's over for this year.
  • Started running again. Everyday. {Except for the days when we sleep through the alarm.} 2 miles of sprint intervals will really put some pep in a girl's step. I've kind of been hobbling around in my heels this week, but today my legs are finally feeling normal again. They don't know that I have a nice luscious interval workout planned for tomorrow morning, barring lightening.
  • Skipped French Quarter Fest because I was too tired/too busy but am hellbent on going to Jazz Fest this year! Even if the sky is grey and it's pouring.
  • Chopped off my hair again. Summer 'do. I love it. I finally got on the Moroccan Oil bandwagon and love how smooth and soft my hair is as well as the yummy tropical scent. Given that it's approx 80 degrees and sunny every day here {except today}, I feel like I'm already on summer vacation. Except for the fact that I seem to have class around the clock and exams coming out of my ears. But it's fun. Most of the time anyways!
  • Watched the NFL draft last night, and seriously can't wait for football season to start again. I though Drew Brees looked super cute and love how well he represents the Saints and New Orleans.
  • I am jockeying for an amazing internship opportunity in the fall. Please please plase keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!