Friday, July 2, 2010

Ode to Joy

This weekend is one of my most favorite holidays - 4th of July!!!! I love everything about it - the food, the patriotism, the music and most of all, the FIREWORKS! I have only missed fireworks one time, under the most horrible of circumstances. One year I had reconstructive knee surgery 2 weeks before the 4th and I still I managed to hobble outside to see the beautiful sparkle blooms in the sky. Last year I went on a very ho-hum date to see the fireworks. The ones in the sky were much superior to the non-sparks that were down on the ground. My favorite firework watching is when I am home in the Midwest and looking out over the glorious cornfields {yes I come from the boonies} and seeing each little town's firework display exploding in the year we saw 5 at once. I love love love fireworks.

This weekend we are celebrating America, celebrating our mom's birthday, celebrating our dad being in New Orleans, celebrating good food, cute puppy Tulip, the new apartment, my good grades, riverboats, Bananas Foster and everything else that is wonderful and fun.

I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend too!!!!

Farewell my love...

My July resolution is to quit drinking Diet Coke. I love ya, but we need to break up. Our multiple dates per day are causing problems. {Look, it's not you, it's me. Same old story...} I armed myself with gallons of water and piles of Advil. And I waited. Waited for the inevitable tidal wave of headaches to come crashing down on me.

Thursday, 10:43AM
The first creeping fingers of a headache start taking hold of my noggin
I toss back 3 Advil {I like to cut the pain off at its knees, this plan usually works}

Head is feeling cloudy and throbbing dully

I can't take it any longer and eat some Advils like they're M&Ms

I feel high as a kite - but finally no head pain
{Yes mom I ate when I took the Advil.}

I take 2 more Advil as a preventative measure

I forget I have a headache

I feel like I've been punched in the brain
I eat just enough dinner to go with my Advil
I stay up too late watching TV and at that point the headache is only my own fault

Friday, 7:30AM
Wake up with a headache

Still have a headache

Still have a headache

Headache is getting worse

11:48 (now)
I just bought more Advil

Headache is gone. Yesss!

Head is pounding.

Just played on Sporcle with my coworkers - and then realized that my head doesn't hurt. So great.

The moral {Jerry Springer style} of this story is: Diet Coke, what did I ever do to you to deserve this?? All I ever did was love you. Maybe a little too that so bad??? WHY??!?!?!?!?

Do you think we can ever be friends again?