Monday, September 29, 2008

Lifetime may get auf'd

Project Runway may not be moving to Lifetime after all! Judge Richard B. Lowe III ruled on Friday that Project Runway's move to Lifetime cannot go ahead as planned because NBC Universal should have had a right to match the terms of the deal made with the Weinstein Co. This means Lifetime cannot air Project Runway, market or promote the program, or offer any spinoffs it had planned. The Weinstein Co. plans to appeal the ruling. A trial date will be set on October 15, though it's possible NBC and the Weinsteins could settle out of court.

While I would have followed Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim anywhere, I really hope the show stays on Bravo. NBC, the ball is in your court!


Mari said...

I read this too. I hope they get these wrinkles ironed out so the show will go on!

Pompeii Purple said...

I hope it stays on Bravo!!!