Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day of remembering

Today is one of those days.  Those days that keep coming back, year after year, that haunt you year after year.  Today is September 11.  

So many things need to be remembered today.  We need to remember the people that were lost on that horrible day 7 years ago.  We need to remember how the city of New York rallied together.  We need to remember the kindnesses of strangers who all helped one another in the days that followed.  We need to remember the strength of President Bush and Rudy Giuliani.  We need to remember the phone calls and emails we sent one another, making sure the other was ok.  We need to remember the fierce hugs when we finally found one another.  

We need to remember we are proud to be Americans.

It is strange today.  Today I am not in New York.  For the very first time, I am not there on this day of days.  I am not there to go down to Ground Zero and listen to the name reading ceremony.  I am not there to listen to the bagpipes play.  I am not there to take flowers to the my neighborhood fire station.  

But whether I am here, there or anywhere, I will always remember.  This day will always be a part of my heart.  I will never forget.  

I love you, New York.

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