Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I always joke with Jessica that everything I eat down here is the best version of that food that I've ever had.

A rundown of recent bests I've experienced:
Homemade butter from the Farmer's Market
Tomato and green pepper omelette, Dante's
Spicy spaghetti, Maximo's
Salad with lemon oil (the reimaged version of this has become something of a staple at our house), Maximo's
Quattro Formaggio pasta (incredibly sinful but soooo amazing), Semolina
Chocolate croissant, O Delice
Banana gelato, Sucre
Mango sorbet--a tie between Sucre and our very own homemade version!
Queso, Superior Grille
Mexican, especially chicken fajitas (especially exciting as there is NO GOOD MEXICAN in the entire city of New York and it's my FAVORITE!!!!), Coretta's

And while not techinically bests (since they don't exist anywhere else), the following must get shout-outs because they are so wonderful:
Vegetarian muffaleta sandwich, Central Grocery
Beignets and hot chocolate, Cafe du Monde

I also have experienced some culinary greatness here. Our kitchen must be magical because I've managed to produce my personal bests as well:
Cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles
Pasta fagioli--have finally managed to figure out the proper timing and consistency of everything
Lasagna sandwiches
Greek chicken--Jessica taught me the magic trick on the potatoes and they were amazing!

Mmmm, it's all so very delicious. Such a shame it isn't closer to lunchtime. Bon appetit!

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j43026 said...

They were all pretty amazing "Bests"-here's to many more "bests" to come!