Friday, September 26, 2008

Grey's Moment

Now I begin what I hope to make a weekly installment: Grey's Moment.

Dedicated to one of my true loves, Grey's Anatomy.

Who enjoyed last night's two hour season premiere? I did, although I should have let the DVR do it's job (yay for the cable installation!!!) and gone to bed, I stayed up to see all the pretty drama.

I know many of you haven't seen the episode yet, don't worry there are no spoilers but here are my

Favorite moments: Meredith and Christina with the chicken, the staplegunning major, the Chief and Meredith and the fact that Grey's FINALLY seems to have un-jumped the shark and gotten back to basics: Mereidth and Derek, Christina and her mojo, and Izzy seems to be more a real character and less a characticure of....whatever she's been impersonating the last few seasons. And the fact that Bernadette Peters, whom I love, had a guest starring role in the episode.

Lease favorite moments: Alex/Izzy drama (too predictable), Lexie/George drama (ditto--but very much enjoyed the Lexie/Mark Sloan (man he is hot) resultant interaction), and the fact that those women were in their fancy ball gowns the whole episode. Give those poor women some scrubs to change into!!

And go read this. Love it.

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