Friday, September 26, 2008

A beauty mark on the drab face of uninspired television

A poetic title if ever I've heard one. Those in the know know that I love Bravo's reality tv shows (Project Runway, Flipping Out and especially Top Chef). A tasty new morsel of a show, The Rachel Zoe Project, has just started to air and I am hooked. I've been mildly (meaning totally and uncontrollably) obsessed with Rachel Zoe since 2004, when she dressed Jennifer Garner in an orange, vintage Valentino goddess gown. I just thought it was the most fabulous thing ever and Rachel appeared on E! News after-Oscar Fashion Police and discussed the look. I've loved her ever since.

The Rachel Zoe Project show is fun, frothy, full of beautiful clothes and pretty people who say and do funny things. What's not to like? Apparently, plenty. (At least by others. I love it.) The New York Times gave the show--and essentially Rachel herself--a harsh, scathing review. So harsh in fact, that Matt Donnelly of the Huffington Post wrote a very fair rebuttal in protest of the NYT treatment of her.

The thing is, not many people have the money to collect Hermes Birkin bags and go buy 3 leopard coats in one fell swoop. Most people don't have a personal hair and makeup guy on their personal staff. (Most of us don't have personal staffs! Although if I did, I would totally wear eyelashes every day like Rachel does. So pretty!) Most people don't have a Mercedes and a BMW and a gorgeous house in the Hollywood Hills. It's fun to see all that. It's fun to see beautiful dresses and high heels. It's fun to live vicariously with Rachel as she runs around in her white bathrobe and hands out the perfect gown, jean, accessory. She's like a sartorial fairy godmother. And especially right now, when the world looks pretty bleak, it's great to enjoy someone else's "happy place" and feel welcomed into her life and world, known as Camp Zoe.

She is happy to share her sense of fashion with the world, and let's face it, she is genius at it. I would happily enlist into her army of "Zoebots" any day.

And seriously, what girl wouldn't kill for this closet??

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Mari said...

E, You are posting blog deliciousness. So many varied posts to read--thank you!