Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For the love of all that is good and Bass

Last night's episode (which airs here at 7PM!!!!) was great. Little J tries to stand on her own two spindly legs, Rufus is in full-on Dad concern mode, Serena is putting her blond locks to great swishy use, poor Blair has more ups and downs than the Dow Jones, and Lily(!) is back. Collecting art for her new apartment and feeling all vixenish when her new hubby Bart gets home from his business trip.

And Chuck. Oh, Chuckles, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. Your scarves are ridiculous but it's great that you have the gumption to stick with your trademark. You are who you are, no apologies. You notice when people stick out their necks for you (even if it is somewhat grudging acknowledgement). You learn from your mistakes. You clearly love Blair (although you have some work to do in your courtship skills. Seriously, just be nice to her. Novel idea, but it will probably work better than all this nonsense.) Anyways, as we were watching last night, I said to Jessica, "I want to get a puppy and name it Charlie Trout." Love him.

Here is this week's awesome Daily Intel Reality Roundup for your giggling pleasure. But I reserve the right to disagree with them and say that the Project Runway reference was completely awesome.

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