Monday, September 8, 2008

The girls are back in town

So we have returned to our lovely Crescent City, only to engage in a staredown with Ike.  We are so happy to be back, except that we refuse to unpack until we know what our weekend activities will be.  (Possibilities include listening to jazz music and brunch or....evacuating.  Thrilling, no?)  Last night I made delicious cupcakes and we ate them for dinner.  And breakfast.  And then we took them and spread cheer amongst our friends.  

The first thing we did when we arrived, before the cupcakes, was RAID the heck out of the apartment.  Here in the south, the neighbors are friendly and the cockroaches are friendlier.  Interestingly, while we were in Mississippi we spent plenty of time at the local Wal-Mart (it's the thing to do!) and found that they had a wonderfully thorough "pest control" section and we stocked up.  Raid, traps, you name it, we got it.  So.  We return home, swim through the hot and humid air, and get to work.  We sprayed the heck out of the apartment.  We trapped the crap out of the cockroach hiding places.  And then realized our apartment was toxic from the amount of chemical pesticide power we had unleashed.  Once that simmered down, we were much happier.  And now, for two whole days, we are CR free!  (CR...cockroach....the name makes me nauseous.) 

I need to go now.  I just realized I've written about cupcakes and CRs in the same post.  Ick!

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KipKGolfmeister said...


I love your descriptions and the updates on everything. Way to be creative on the Sorbet too. You are totally cool.