Thursday, September 25, 2008

Never noticed...until now

Maybe I'm an unobservant person. (I don't think so.) Maybe I never watched tv before. (Not really true.) Maybe I've just always lived in the Eastern Time Zone and never really thought about it. (This is the correct answer.)

What I am talking about is, when you're watching a tv promo for some upcoming tv show, the announcer annouces the fabulous show in his deep and booming voice, detailing all the exciting events sure to be packed into said upcoming show, and then states the time the show will be on. "Next week, on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith and Derek solve another medical mystery while still having amazing hair! ABC, 9/8 Central."

Did you catch it? The time? Are you sure? Because for my entire life, Grey's Anatomy has been on at NINE O'CLOCK PM.

Not here. It's on at EIGHT. So bizarre to me that east coast and west coast show it at 9, Central shows it at 8. It's like we are in some funny little special place. (Oh wait, we are.)

But seriously. Seriously??!! I get to watch tonight's 2 hour premiere episode a whole hour earlier than I've ever been able to in the past??!!

Life just keeps getting better.

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