Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun in the sun isn't just for people, it's for veggies too

Today has been absolutely lovely.  Started the day dropping Jess off at her morning class and then I continued on to the local farmer's market.  A beautiful day, sun shining, wearing a super cute dress (borrowed from J!) and with some cash to spend on fresh fruits and veggies.  The market is small but so cute and friendly.  Everyone was out today, comparing hurricane stories and just happy to be back in action.  Purchased today were creole tomatoes, green peppers and scallions.  Funniest quote:  Me, "Do you have any lettuce?"  Seller, "No, it's too hot for them."  (Funny because we were standing there dripping in sweat, while apparently, the lettuces got to recline back at home, in some sort of farmery air conditioning system! Can I be a lettuce please?)

After lettuce hopping, I took the car for a little drive.  Yes, me driving, alone, and actually figuring out which way I was going--so momentous!  I even found a parking spot and managed to parallel park our beast of a car.  To celebrate, I decided to duck into the cutest little pastry shop ever, O Delice for a treat.  On an occasion such as this, no regular croissant will do.  I went for the gold, the chocolate croissant.  Ahhhh!  That is the sound of golden angels singing as I took my first bite.  Seriously, it was insane.  Best croissant ever.  You gotta come visit and try it for yourself!!
After dying a small, happy chocolate death, I walked around for an hour or so and just had a great time.  Walking streets and exploring is truly one of my favorite activities, and something New York is perfectly suited for.  However, I have found that in other places and different cities, walking around is somewhat of an oddity.  My boss tells a great story of being in Atlanta, hitching her tote bag up on her shoulder and powering a mile or so to her destination.  As she tells it, cars slowed and people gave her funny looks.  Guess they weren't used to seeing that!  Down here, not all the areas are made for walking, but there is a great stretch of shops and galleries I just love.  The best part?  I only made it about halfway down, so there is tons more to see!

After an hour, glistening and glowing with sweat (wishing I was a lettuce) and parched beyond words, I made it back to the car and headed home.  Drank some water (lots of water) and watched last night's episode of Gossip Girl.  So fun!  After you watch, the thing to do is read this.  You'll laugh out loud.  I promise!!!!!!  
Then I made a salad of all my wonderful veggies (and some lettuce from the grocery)!

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