Monday, September 1, 2008

What Gustav looks like right this minute

Turns out Gustav came to play after all.

I'm posting from Mississippi, where we have been for the last few days. We evacuated quite early, and are so glad we did. Today at church, a woman told us about her family's efforts to evacuate, and they sounded grim. She said it took them 3 hours to go about 20 miles on the highway (with contraflow). Yikes.

So, here we are, two little evacu-istas. That's a term we coined as we were leaving. There is a fancy pre-school across the street from our apartment, and as we were loading up to go Friday morning, from one chic mommy to another, we overheard, "Oh, I've got to go get ready to evacuate. I've got to get some water and a pedicure." Truly, we about fell over laughing.

Well, the rain will fall, it will drain, and the levees will hold strong. Here's hoping.

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Mari said...

May you be as protected from Hurricane Ike!