Friday, June 24, 2011

We're walking, we're walking

Want to hear something crazy awesome?

I've lost 20 pounds. 

Yes I have!!!!!!!! 

The classier part of me feels like this probably shouldn't be discussed with my internet friends, but frankly, I'm so proud of myself that I don't really care. 

So yes, I'm very pleased.  Although I am quite frankly shocked at how little a visible difference the loss has made.  I mean really...I thought 20 pounds would mean all my problems were solved & peace & good will would reign the earth.  I honestly thought I would go down a pant size at least!  I must have a very I want skinny legs & skinny arms & a tight bum!!! 

So I will keep going.  But I'm still way way proud of myself, because I cannot recall a single time in my life when I've ever successfully lost a nice amount of weight (without the help of the flu, or something).  I've always been pretty average sized, veering to the pear shaped when not careful.  I have always wanted to really kick my butt into gear & get superfit.  Fortune smiled on me when my new neighbors (new as in February) moved in & opened a small gym ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE HOUSE.  They are fun, tough, affordable, & so supportive.  I found a food plan that works for me & doesn't taste awful. 

My original goal was 20.  Now that I'm here & I see what I see, I need to make a new goal.  Come join me!


Angela Parmer Duke said...

I feel ya. I've lost 10 pounds this month, and my pants still feel the exact same! It's disheartening, but I love your attitude!! I think when you see yourself everyday, it's easier to not notice the changes, but people around you notice for sure!! Keep up the work!! That's an awesome accomplishment!

Emily said...

Thanks, Angela! Congratulations to you - that's fabulous! :)