Thursday, June 9, 2011

I just love when I am right. Even if it's 5 years later

Once upon a time, in a wonderful place far far away, I had a wonderful job working at a talent agency.  Except for the slave wages I was paid, it was mostly, completely perfect.  One of my favorite extracurricular parts of the job was attending the theater most nights on the lookout for new, young talent.  Juilliard was a favorite haunt of mine, and I saw many amazing performances there.  {My favorite?  A Valentine's Day production of The Scottish Play [Shakespear, starts with Mac and ends with beth].  Divine.  The VERY best way to spend a single-girl Valentines with a good friend.}  I digress.  I saw a girl a few times who was AMAZING.  She was so talented and beautiful.  I reported back each time that this girl was someone we should look closer at and interview.  My bosses disagreed.

Fast forward a few years.  Not only does she have a starring role on True Blood, but she is making her way in features as well!  It's always good to know that other people {no matter how obliquely} agree with your taste.  :)

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