Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The magic & mystery of Dairy Month

June Dairy Month, an annual tradition started in 1937, began as a way to help distribute the extra milk created when cows started on pasture in the warm summer months. Today, its rich history continues, with communities, companies and people from across the country observing June Dairy Month in a variety of ways. In the Midwest, dairy farms and families often open their gates to visitors at breakfasts and tours.

In the South, many communities sponsor cattle shows and princess contests with coronation ceremonies. One of the traditional highlights is a parade, featuring county and regional dairy princesses, town officials, floats and marching bands. Other activities include cow milking contests, cow visits at zoos, or banks offering free milk and ice cream cones.

I am a huge fan of dairy.  I just love milk & ice cream & butter {international butter club, anyone?} & get the picture.  My fantastic eating plan allows for ample amounts of non-fat diary, & this is really what has helped me.  Smith Creamery is a dairy farm here in Louisiana that is regionally quite famous.  Every chef gets their milk & butter from there, we first found them at the local farmer's market, the products are sold at Whole Foods - it's awesome.  The skim milk tastes like whole milk.  I loooooooooove it.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods - mainly to purchase non-fat yogurt & milk for the week.  I went the usual section.  No Smith Creamery there.  Were they all sold out?  I tracked down a worker & made my inquiry.  He told me,

"The creamery blew up."

What?  I started laughing before I realized he was serious.

"Did all the animals die?"

"No, ma'am, the cows were all out at pasture.  Lucky 'cuz all the buildings burned down."

I mean...can you imagine? 

Imagine my surprise when this morning, talking on the phone with one of my bosses (born & raised in rural Louisiana) about our current project & he randomly says to me, "well, I'd been counting on the magic of Dairy Month (June) to get us to where we need to be (with our current project).  'Cept now the creamery went & blew itself up so I'm a little worried about the voodoo getting us too."

So be careful out there...

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