Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekendy things

These days, by the time Friday arrives I'm kind of...done.  Stressed, exhausted beyond belief, & moody.  Charming, no?


The best part of Friday afternoon is picking up Tulip from her doggie day care.  It's her special Friday treat, & she LOOOOOOVES it.  My favorite Friday thing to do it take pictures of her as she is snoozing in the front seat, exhausted with happiness. 

After that, I was meant to go to a JLNO poolside cocktail party.  Unfortunately, my outfit was partially (and unintentionally) hijacked by another party girl who lives in my house, but that's ok because I'll have another one & she looked supercute for her party.

Our Gigi is coming!  Which means our dwelling needs a fair bit of cleaning & conditioning before her arrival.  Most of Saturday & Sunday were spent glamourously doing laundry, cleaning, organizing, folding, etc.....I did make sure to save time to lay out & read under the neighbor's palm trees.  It was lovely.  That meant I sacrificed time to go grocery shopping but it was totally worth it.  I needed a recharge & sometimes you gotta find some you time.

My rose garden is feeling a little parched  & scorched because it is so bloody hot here!  And barely any rain!  Oh well, when the flowers bloom they are lovely.

And then all too soon, it's Monday again.  Monday does not equal funday around here, so we do our best just to not talk about it.  AND, bonus round for me, I got up (ok, fine, Jess got me up) & hauled my bones to the gym this muggy morning.  It was awesome!  Monday is better ALL DAY LONG when I know I've already killed it at the gym.  Rar.  Who knows what wonders tomorrow will bring?

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