Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Before Christmas comes Thanksgiving, another holiday I love.

Last night, for our Young Women's activity, we started planning the Thanksgiving baskets we will be distributing to the members of the branch who are in need. We had so much fun. Our branch has 2 YW and three girls (sisters) who are investigating. I just love them and the energy and fun they bring to the group. Combined with the 3 YM and their leaders, we were quite the crew to get this task started.

First, we brainstormed for ideas of items to include in the baskets. This was definitely the first time I've heard "pecan pie" shouted out before "pumpkin pie"! It was fun to hear what each family's traditions are. Tater tot cassarole was also a hot item. Something to look into...

After brainstorming, we created the lists. We tried to get the kids involved with helping figure out how many of each item we needed for each family, depending on the family size. Then just for fun, we decided to split the list into 2, and challenged the YM to a race at the grocery store to see who could collect all the items from the list first.

I drove my girls to the store in Somerset (my first time driving anyone except Jessica!) and I'm so pleased to say that we arrived safely in one piece. I think I'm really a good driver now. (Mother, stop laughing.) We strategized on the way over the fastest way to gather our items, and then once both teams were inside, scattered and began the hunt.

Both teams collected everything in record time, and for a grand total of $215 we incredibly got all the items on our list for 10 families!!! (Except for the turkeys--they are being donated from the Storehouse. So great!) I was so happy that all the kids had fun. They are so excited to put together the baskets next week and deliver them. Their excitement is infectious. I love the time I get to spend with them and always feel great after our activities.


KipKGolfmeister said...

Your words and more importantly your service will be rewarded (in heaven at least and likely on earth as well).

Mari said...

What a great way to infuse fun into service!