Friday, November 7, 2008

Grey's moment

I cried my face off during last night's episode. "Rosie? Rosie??" may need to go down along with "Stella!!" as an all-time heart-rending cry.

Oh, Christina Yang. Be still my heart. It's impossible to point to one specific best moment with her. Between "I see dead people!" and her storytelling with Dr. Hunt and her laughing at Mark Sloan....that girl has got it and I love her.

Lexie is Queen of the Interns. She is clever, thoughtful and so very earnest. George worked his buns off to save Stan the robot. It was fun to see Richard cutting loose like that (even if it was at George's expense).

And Hahn. What a rock star she was in this episode. Brooke Smith gave a virtuoso performance last night. It's so tragic that they cut her loose, because as last night demonstrated, she brought so much more to the show than just a lesbian relationship. She and Callie could totally have broken up last night, and the producers and writers could easily have spun several story lines out of the aftermath. And I really wanted to see what happened between her and Izzy.

And Izzy is......actually seeing dead people. (Is it just me or did she not promise Alex less than 3 episodes ago that she wasn't going to go bananas on him? And now she is. Poor Alex.) Although it's never a bad thing to see Denny. He's dreamy.

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