Friday, November 21, 2008

B is for Ballet

I love ballet. I love to watch it, but even more I love to dance ballet. I took ballet lessons for nearly 12 years, quit in a fury over a broken down body, and have regretted it every day since. I miss it so very much. I miss the grace and beauty it made me feel. I miss the exhileration of leaping across the room. I miss the extruciating torture of a slow developpe. I miss being on stage, dancing my heart out under the bright lights.

I miss ballet shoes. I miss the colors, that gorgeous peachy pink satin. This is the root of my complete adoration of all things pink. I miss the clean leathery gluey smell of new shoes. I miss the sweaty lambswooly smell of old shoes. I miss sewing on my ribbons. I miss scraping rosin across the cut up toe.

Tonight, I am attending a student ballet production, and while it's a far cry from The Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet danced by New York City Ballet, ballet is ballet and for a balletomane like me, tonight will be a much-needed and long overdue fix.

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Mari said...

Dance your heart out right along with them. How fun it was all the years of your recitals but it was soooo fun when you danced in Ballet Met's "Nutcracker"! Enjoy.