Monday, July 27, 2009

A two ton hippo slept on my back

No, not really {I don't even have Tulip to blame, as she "slept" in Jessica's room last night} but how else can I explain the dreadful knots in my neck today?

Sigh. I still haven’t managed to recover from the world’s worst night of sleep, which was complete with an unhappy, wandering puppy, nightmares which resulted in real tears, a spastically chirping and braying fire alarm and being eaten alive, burrito-style, by my bedding.

I’ve felt rather creature-from-the-black-lagoon today. I did try. I went running at lunchtime, drank a few diet cokes, but…sometimes you’ve just got to know when to say uncle.


I have 3 lovely evening activities planned for tonight, so the day is looking up. Now, if only I could look up….but my neck seems incapable of such a motion at the moment. Maybe tomorrow?

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Steve said...

Good luck with your neck. Cricks in the neck are NOT fun and take their time going away (actually, running does help a little). Hang in there (and bring me my hippo gun!).