Friday, July 31, 2009

Ode to my weekend

{Photo from Naturally Nina}

During lunch today, I bought a great new pair of workout shorts that make me want to get out there, shake my buns and go for a run. I also bought the latest issue of The Economist and read and read and read. A gentleman I used to work with is the former CEO of The Economist and he got me hooked on it. I just love that magazine {and him}.

On the docket for the weekend is a slurry of fun - farmer's market, new library books, workouts, movies, SatchmoFest, White Linen Night, riverwalks with Tulip followed by baths with Tulip, church, tidying and shopping. Should be wonderful!

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Steve said...

Sounds like it was packed with fun. I hope you enjoyed each bit. I had a good one too, with golf - played and watched, lawn care, tomato care, reading, lesson preparation, lesson giving, cheeseburgers for dinner, enough sleep and a phone call from vous (and the other WOML). May your week be twice as nice.