Wednesday, July 8, 2009

's wonderful!

{Photo by suebeehb}

a wonderful little mrs. got married to her mr. and some wonderful person got invited to the wedding. the wedding was just beautiful and everyone there was full of love for the new mr. and mrs.

the new mrs. said to her friend, "some wonderful person gave some wonderful baking pans to the wonderful mr. and mrs. m."

the friend said, "oh?"

the mrs. said, "mr. and mrs. were wonderfully surprised to receive such a wonderful gift."

the friend said, "some wonderful person thought a wonderful mrs. would love to use the wonderful pans to make her mr. some wonderful treats because the mrs. is so very very wonderfully martha."

the mrs. said, "how wonderful!"

the friend said, "i just adore that mr. and mrs!"

the mrs. said, "they just adore you!"

the end.


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