Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a way to go

Packing to move. To move to our new apartment. I'm so excited. So excited that packing up doesn't seem as bad as it's been before, which is lucky for me considering I'm packing my place and Justin's. Sometimes though, I do start to feel a bit Cask-of-Amontillado about the whole thing. The wall of boxes is slightly imposing. (And I do feel sorry for the people who are coming to look at the sublet I am so joyfully vacating - with the heat, the lack of cell service and the no-window issue, the last thing they need is fear of immurement added to the apartment experience.) So I leave for New Orleans on Thursday, return Sunday, and move early the next morning. Which sort of means that in New York time, I'm moving 3 days.

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