Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Did their mothers teach them nothing?

I am really frustrated by our media's current obsession with tearing people down. They truly seem to delight in spreading malicious rumors, taking the worst possible pictures, pitting people against one another.

This story about Hillary Clinton is just one example. I'm not even a big Hillary fan but the ugliness of this really struck me.

What on earth do people gain from being so mean? Why do people act this way? And most unfortunately, I do not think this behavior is limited to the media. I think a lot of people, day to day, don't really take into consideration the others around them. I think a lot of people are self-interested and don't concern themselves with the collatoral damage that gets done in their pursuit of their needs/wants/goals/whatever they think is more important than the next person's needs/wants/goals. Who told them that the next person doesn't matter, and is only a gnat to be swatted away?

I am in the middle of one such situation, and have been absolutely appalled by a group of people's absolute disregard for another person's best interest, let alone their feelings. When did people stop living the Golden Rule?

I do believe in the good in people--the deli man who remembers me and makes my morning by stepping outside to say hello to me. My doorman, who without fail, answers "Never been better!" to my nightly "Hi Harris, how are you today?" The workers at the gym who learned my name and say hi everytime I walk in.

I hope those people know how much I appreciate their kindnesses.

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