Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother dear, I love you so

Happy Mother's Day!
(I do most of my posting from "work" and so this most special mother's day post is coming on Monday, and a day late, but most def. not short on any love for my mama.)

My mom is so awesome.

In an homage to her, here are just of few of the things she has taught me through the years:
Say please and thank you. And include the person's name. "Thank you, Mrs. Fisher."

Please be thorough. Whether it's dusting, wiping off the table after dinner, washing the sink after doing the dishes, your homework, or your church calling, do it and do it right. All the way.

Take an interest and be kind to everyone around you. Everyone deserves to be treated with the very best we have to offer.

Wear pearls.

Mommy and Daddy both work hard. Daddy works really hard at his office and Mommy works really hard at home. Both deserve thanks and appreciation.

Having nice handwriting is fun.

Have big dreams and don't be afraid to take chances. When you know you are loved and supported, you have the confidence to try lots of things. And even as you learn and grow and evolve and change, you're always YOU. You'll always be you.

Pink is clearly the most amazing color.

Being patriotic is important.

The Olympics (especially gymnastics and ice skating) are the best television.

Pride & Prejudice is the best movie ever.

And my mom's recipe for chocolate chip cookies is the best ever. The best in the world. So thanks for that too!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you so much! And I always will.

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Mari said...

As I now read aNd comment, I thank you, Emily, for such a beautiful, kind post. I love being a mother to you and J more than anything in this entire world. Thank you for making life a joy! Lll