Monday, May 19, 2008

Since last we spoke, I:

Went to New Orleans. I love that city. It's so interesting and mysterious and exciting. Had so much with my family. Watched the rain on the city scape. Helped my dad recover from a terrible ailment. Cleaned, scrubbed and sparkle-fied Jessica's new adorable apartment. Met her friends and friends' families. Loved them. Had a birthday party for my Daddio. Had a bridal shower for moi!!! Thanks, everyone! Ate a fried oyster and a muffaletta and more than one beignet. Delicious and scrumptious. Watched my sister graduate from college. Was so proud of her I could have burst with happiness. Flew home at an unhappy early hour. Packed. Cried. Packed. Was distracted from crying by Justin's pep talk. He's very cute. Watched part of Indiana Jone and the Last Crusade. Never seen it before and I'm loving it. Woke up this morning, moved myself, moved Justin, ate a sandwich and therefore christened the new apartment and now am at work. I'm tired! Pictures of New Orleans to come. I want to go back!!!

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