Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow I will heading south of the Mason-Dixon line into armadillo country. New Orleans, here I come! My fabulous sister is graduating on Saturday. With a double major. In neurobiology and art history. She is seriously amazing and the coolest girl I know. Maybe I've mentioned this before...? She'll be staying in NOLA for another year for a master's program at Tulane. In neurobiology. Yes, seriously. And then after that she will be going to medical school. And then after that she'll be a doctor. Like I said, she's top notch. I'm really hoping to visit her next year. Maybe a birthday gift? Hint hint!!

While I'm there, my family is throwing me a bridal shower, which will be so fun and special. We will also be celebrating my dad's 25th birthday, and of course, Jessica's graduation, with various and sundry brunches, lunches, dinners and late night snacks. I can't wait!

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