Monday, November 12, 2007

What a crock

For weeks now, my boss has been telling my about the joys of crock pot cooking. How easy it is, how delicious it is, so on--and she actually uttered the words, "crockpots can be sexy." I didn't go so far as to actually scoff out loud to her that crock pots were seriously un-chic but my cynicism on the subject was palpable. She retaliated by bringing in some tantalizing-looking cookbooks full of crock pot recipes and yet, I remained unconvinced. She then announced that whether I liked it or not, I was being given a crock pot for Christmas (I protested), and then last week she hauled the pot into work and told me "take it for a test drive." Hrmph. FINE. She told me how to make barbeque chicken using the inane contraption and wished me well.

Well. I have changed my tune. Not only was the chicken BETTER THAN ANYTHING I'VE EVER MADE BEFORE but it was the easiest as well, and a snap to clean up. Food prep that allows me to spend the day with my sweet and then return home and dish up an amazing meal? She was right, it is sexy. I am a true convert to the cult of the crockpot and now cannot wait to receive my very own at Christmas!

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