Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brrrring goes the phone...or does it?

Caroling, caroling through the snow, Christmas bells are ringing! Ok, well, it's 55 degrees in New York and I haven't spied even the tiniest little snow flurry BUT no matter. I'm enveloping myself in Christmas joy. I'm just the tinest bit obsessed with Christmas music (ask my roommates, I've been known to play it in July) and have taken advantage of wonderful new software on my iPhone that allows me to create ringtones. Getting phone calls is also one my life's greatest joys. Christmas music + the telephone?? Out of this world! So can you please take a moment to imagine the glee with which I selected songs and then made ringtones last night? Five, yes FIVE (5) new ringtones were lovingly created, all from the glorious sounds of the season. (And for those who keep track of these things--you know who you are--each person has their very own.) So please call me. I might not answer, because I'll be too busy singing along to the song, but then I'll totally call you back. And tell you to call me again. xoxo.

The other thing I did last night was work out. For a really, really long time. You see, my family and I are going to Hawaii for Christmas. We've known about this trip since last December, and have all taken necesary steps to become "bikini beautiful." And not only that purpose--although it is uber-uber-important. According to my dad, here are the reasons to be in tip-top condition for this holiday:

I need to be able to go pretty hard for our time in Hawaii. That will include walking up and down a bunch of hills on the golf course (big hills per the guys in HI), surfing until my tongue hangs out, zip lining and loving it, riding bikes should the need arise, cookie baking, cooking of dinners, and, AND, multiple marathon sessions of poker, Rack Rummy and other semi late night activities, all while adjusting to a six hour time change. Yep, I think I am going to need to be in pretty good condition to be on top of all aspects of my game at Christmas. In fact, I now have an answer for people who ask me why I am training with such vigor and purpose : Christmas!!

Dad, I couldn't agree more. And while I won't have to climb the arduous hills of the golf course, we will have to (get to!) listen to you lot talk about it, so maybe I should add some inner ear conditioning to my regimen. You know, ear drum presses and auditory calisthenics. What do you think?

Yeah, this green bikini lady doesn't have anything on me. After a month of working out with her (+ lifting + cardio + not eating seconds at Thanksgiving dinner + gulping down protein shakes every morning) I'll totally be that hot. Who wants to take the bikini challenge with me?

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