Friday, November 9, 2007


My amazing little sister, Jessica, won Homecoming Queen at Tulane Univerisity! When we found out she had been nominated onto the court, we all (Mom + Dad, Grandma, Aunt Martha and I) made arrangements to fly down for the weekend. What fun we all had! Tulane plays their games in the Superdome and being in that building was incredible. And I must say that winning Homecoming Queen at a Division 1 school is a huge deal and the fact that she got to walk across that field with swelling music from the marching band AND get crowned while we cheered our little hearts out for totally made me cry.

After she won the rest of the game went by in a blur. But as we were walking through the halls of the Superdome after it was all over, we passed through a large group of Superdome staff. They all started cheering and clapping and whistling for Jessica--it was totally awesome. She is a superstar!

The rest of the weekend was just a whirlwind of fun and amazing food and so much laughing. Just the way I like it. Mmm...bananas foster.


j43026 said...

My darling dear sister, you are too cute! It meant the WORLD to me that y'all were there in the Dome! I still double-take when someone mentions it. There has been a request for the crown to make an appearance in the 43026, so we will get to play dress up again! But really, having you with me was perfect, because you are such a huge part of me and a giant reason I am who I am today. I hope someday I'm as cool as you always have been! See you soon my tinkledarling princess :)

j43026 said...

and I definitely agree with the bananas foster yum! Although I did go on a late night adventure down to Cafe du Monde for beignets and the best hot chocolate and it was amazing. The only thing that would have made it better would have been you joining in on the fun :) I think we should push for adding bananas foster to the thanksgiving menu...