Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Maybe it's Maybelline...

Like most girls, I have spent my make-up wearing years in pursuit of the perfect mascara. Maybelline has been a constant fixture in my life since the age of 14, and it's been quite a happy love affair. Yesterday, while at Duane Reade, stocking up on many items and spending a fortune (why does buying shampoo and hairspray practically break the bank these days??) I remembered that I needed a new tube of mascara. I'm not normally one to change things up just for the fun of it--ask anyone who knows me--but for some reason I was clutched by a sweeping feeling of Carpe Diem! (OK, really, Duane Reade was out of my kind and after all, it's only mascara...GULP.) After looking through all the tubes, I finally settled on new one. It was a go. So this morning I was prepared to embark on a new voyage of mascaraism. I cracked the plastic packaging open, twisted the top off, and away we went. And I'm so happy. I'm beginning a personal revolution one step at a time!

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