Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today I'm on the sunny side of the street

{Never mind that I had to deliberately walk to this side of the street, set up a chair, and plant myself here, but thus far it seems to be working.}

Today I had a conference call about a non-work related project that I am working on, and those thirty-three minutes just...lifted me. I can't really describe it any other way. It's amazing how much better things are when you're passionate about them, and it's so much easier to stay up until the wee hours working and perfecting and planning those activities. Sigh. If only I could do that all day long...someday...

...but tonight I need to stay up late working on my accounting homework. I think my teacher isn't really clear about...stuff...because I've pretty much concluded that I'm going to need to teach this class to myself. {Few things make me as annoyed as that.} Oh well, oh well, I'm not singing the blues right now.

Oh yes - and it's so hot in New Orleans right now that it feels like you're standing inside an oven. It's marvelous. {And no, I'm not being sarcastic.} My sunny side of the street is warm and I love it.

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