Saturday, June 12, 2010

Suck de heads!

I've attended a few crawfish boils since I've moved down here, but I always managed to avoid eating anything. I will frankly admit that I was scared/grossed out/couldn't/wouldn't/absolutely no way/never ever eat that. People down here are crazy about their crawfish. They season them carefully, and each person has their own special concoction and way that they prepare their crustacious feast. Then they pour them out on the table, usually in pizza boxes. And eat them.

Last night, I decided that the time had come. Or more accurately, I was with a bunch of locals who insisted that the time had come! I eased my way in gently, starting with the potato and a bit of corn, and then, to much fanfare and a photo or two, I was coached through my first crawfish experience. Twist off the tail. Crack the back shell. Pinch the tail. Wiggle out the flesh. Eat.

It's so good. It. is. so. good!

Little red lovers, where have you been my whole life?

{However, I drew the line at the head. Under absolutely no circumstances would I suck the whiskery crawfish heads. No.}

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