Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If only I could bottle it and sell it for a million dollars

{Because man oh man, I sure would like a million dollars.}

Women of the world, I ask you: Would you like to shape and tone your arms? Tighten those tricky triceps, buff up those beautiful biceps?

Please, follow me through the rabbit hole and I will share with you the secret I have discovered.


I am not talking about painting a simple wall, nor am I talking about the more detailed edges and window sills.

No, I am talking about the epic, athletic painting that is required to paint ceilings. 15 foot ceilings. You can't use a ladder, you must use an extended pole, your own body weight and your own balance. You will feel like you are doing the limbo - that's when you know you're getting close to the right position.

And then do it in 6 rooms.

Over 5 days.

And then marvel at the definition that begins to appear.

{Side effects include strained neck muscles, paint drops in your eye, and a grayish tint to your hair. Only begin this regimen after consulting with your better judgement.}

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Steve said...

I think I need to use your work out regime. I have some rooms, but the ceilings are not tall enough . . .

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