Wednesday, June 30, 2010

After the bitter comes the sweet

After a particularly rough evening {that I wasn't even really a part of, just witness to - but trust me it was rough enough as a witness} I woke this morning feeling sad and awfully tired, but so very grateful that I had the freedom to drag myself to work. During my drive {that goes through a gnarly part of town and always stirs up feelings like the ones I was already having in spades} I found myself praying for some sweetness, mellowness and kindness to bless my day. A few moments later, a sweet accoustic song started to play on the radio. Those strums and easy verses serenaded me the rest of the way in, and I was so grateful that a little love song had started my day. A bit later in the morning I read some kind and strong {and soft} words and felt even better. My day felt sweetened. It has been lovely.

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