Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The surprising good news is that I don't look nearly as tired as I feel. I would rank this tired feeling as the most epic this year, far surpassing the tired that was produced by the TBPC. I feel, on a scale of one to ten, like a negative 9. Discounting that I have a ponytail, and am wearing all black because it was just a garanimals kind of day {that was for you, Chris!}, I look pretty much how I look every other day.

How is that possible? I feel lucky.

However, I am feeling a major pull towards McDonald's for lunch today, and think it will take all my willpower to drive past it. If only I hadn't given into that pull yesterday {and Friday, shhh}.

Rain, rain {and everything else} go away.

The other good news is that our Mom is coming for the summer, and coming earlier that we had planned. As Jessica put it yesterday: we are getting rescued!! So cute. And so, so true.

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