Sunday, June 20, 2010

An ode, from daughter to father

Daddy-daughter dates.

Coaching countless softball, soccer, and basketball teams.

Watching even countless more ballet rehearsals and recitals.

Hours helping with homework and math problems and science projects.

Picking up the phone {during church} to help me write a finance model.

Teaching the secret to knowing when the pancake is perfectly cooked and the optimum amount of lemon-lime Gatorade one should drink before going for a run.

Practicing, practicing and practicing the softball pitch, the piano scales, the choir song, the violin solo, the audition monologue.

Teaching me how to work hard.

Teaching me to never give up.

Teaching me how to gain and build a testimony.

Teaching me to love the gospel.

Teaching me to become who I am today.

Teaching me to believe that I can become so much more.

I love you, Dad.

Happy Father's Day.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Thank you for your lovely tribute. You are a fabulous, wonderful, brilliant daughter.