Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I really am trying

I really am...I'm sorry that I can't seem to pull it together. I half-compose posts in my mind, I {sometimes, not often, but sometimes} do fun things that I think about posting...but then things happen, like being told that a semester's worth of classes are being taught in THREE DAYS {not that I'm annoyed by that or anything...} or work, or the heat, or vacation {which was fabulous, delicious, fantastic} or what-have-you. OR I'll want to talk about something and then I'll self-edit my thoughts and decide that I'm being whiny or violating my company's confidentiality agreements or....again, what-have-you. It's pandemic at this point. To anyone who still reads this: I love ya.

But I do have to say - vacation was amazing. Refreshing. Delightful. Seeing old friends and making new ones is a marvelous combination, like chocolate chips and cookies. {And Suzanne, thanks again for the cookie, I owe ya!} Even the most bittersweet moment was ok, really, and rather amazing that it happened at all and that we all survived and appear to be thriving. I feel that it's a real sign of maturity when you're happy when you see someone else's happiness, and I really was.

Ok - thanks again and I'll be back soon. Promise. {Writing feels good}.

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