Friday, October 10, 2008

Starry, starry night

I hear that it has started to get chilly up there in the north, in New York. As I have mentioned before, one of the things I miss (among the many) about New York is Fall. Fall. Sigh. I miss those New York Fall weekends, where you wander the farmer's market, the flea market, the shops, Central Park, the museums....but that's all old news. What I failed to mention earlier is that Fall in New York is a cultural mecca. All the new plays, new books, new museum exhibitions--it is a treasure trove of beauty and intoxicating to the artistic soul.

So, for all you lucky ducks who are in New York and looking for a way to while away a lovely and chilly Saturday, go to MOMA to see their Van Gogh exhibit.

When I visited Amsterdam, I spent an afternoon at the Van Gogh museum and was completely captivated by his works. Such passion, such boldness and such colors. What a wonderful opportunity to see these pieces in the states.

Someone, please go and tell me all about it!!

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