Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hola, como estas?

Tonight I start my Spanish class. I am muy, muy excited to go. I took 3.5 years of Spanish in high school, and really regret not continuing with my classes as well as not keeping it up. I have a built-in conversation buddy, my Dad! He served his mission in Argentina and is still fluent. Remarkable, yes? I think so. He also is proficient in French and at a point was working on Mandarin Chinese. I would love to do the same. As I begin to look toward my future and which direction I may point myself, career-wise, it is clear to me that language proficiency is a wonderful addition to one's resume. Plus, I love to travel, and speaking the language always makes the experience more fun.

So off I go. It is Fall, after all, and what says Fall more than Back-to-School?

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