Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I heart satin headbands

I know it's a day late and the picture is small, but I really did enjoy Monday night's episode of Gossip Girl. Yes, it's lame that mysteriously all the kids now want to attend Yale and very funny that I can pick out the spots on Columbia's campus that they are trying to double for Yale (they look nothing alike! Take a day trip to New Haven!!) but some nuggets of goodness came through anyways.

I love how hard Blair works for the things she wants. She is a dreamer and then has the goods to back up those dreams. I'm working on getting the goods to back up my dreams. She is human, and fumbles every now and then, but picks herself up and finds another way in. She's a smart one, that Blair. Ew for Marc Jacobs naming a bag after Serena, I seriously doubt that would ever happen. Although maybe if it did, it would be a cuter bag than the one Sofia Coppola designed. Love Sofia, but this bag is boring, not a classic, and not worth the $2900 pricetag.

Check out the recap. One of the recappers actually attended Yale, which leads to much snark in the reality department.

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