Friday, October 10, 2008

Grey's Moment

So a tiny part of me thought the whole "the hospital is flooding" was a bit overworked and overly dramatic. The previews were so sensationalistic and I just really wanted to wrinkle my nose at the whole thing.

I still feel the same way, and absolutely could have done without the flooding, but to be fair, the episode didn't really suffer. The flood was used as a device to move several storylines along and some quite movingly. Alex. Ahhhh. I just know he has it in him to be a good guy!

Other favorite moments include little Lexie coming into her own a bit, George clutching the pencils, Christina and her evaluation of the shrink (so freaking funny), and the very interesting Callie/Erica/Mark Sloan friend dynamic. Meredith with her patient. The headache man. And Izzy on the swing. That made my heart break because I feel the same way sometimes.

I didn't particularly appreciate the Chief's prolonged insistence at not admitting to needing help-this manifested in the previous episode and is clearly going to be the Chief's arc, which is too bad because I really like Richard but find this behavior to be tiresome, childish, egocentric and dull.

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