Friday, October 31, 2008

How Ellis Marsalis helped bring me back

Last night, I may have been out alone but I got dressed up, did my hair, and took myself out to a concert in New Orleans. It was fantastic. The Ellis Marsalis Quartet was incredible and I had a wonderful time.

Going out last night was really the first time I've done something in the city (besides wander the parks and French Quarter, which I love) and I was transported. I suddenly remembered all the reasons why I wanted to live here and was so happy with the decisions that I've made to get to this point.

The best part? Once I was there, I ran into some people who are in my Spanish class, so I ended up not being alone after all.


Mari said...

Hio hip horray! Hats off to excellent jazz music and all the benefits that came to you for attending the concert. Go Emily, go jazz, and, go New Orleans!

Meg G. said...

Ellis was one of my high school teachers. He was wonderful. He is wonderful.
-Meg from work. <3