Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby, what's your

Do you remember that episode of SATC when Charlotte breaks up with a perfectly handsome & charming man because his china style didn't match her china style?  Although I would never do anything quite so silly, that memory is making me laugh as I write this.

I've decided that as a sort of grown up girl who has had her own job for several years, owns her own car, is partially responsible for the happiness of her puppy, & can put together cute outfits almost everyday, it is time to start making some grown up decisions.  I'm sure you'll laugh to know that I started with picking out my china pattern and beginning my collection.  And truth be told, why should married girls have all the fun???  It's time to make my own fun.

Because I long ago decided that I would continue my family's tradition of holiday Spode china, I decided to start with formal china (which I fully intend to use every day).  I looked for a classic set.  I'm almost always drawn to simple designs  instead of heavily decorative (think white china with either a platinum or gold band) but I think that this Herend Queen Victoria design is just breathtaking.  And I'll use a monochromatic floral centerpiece to help ground the colors.

 So far, my collection includes:

a bud vase

I also have my eye on a teacup & saucer set for sipping chocolat chauds.

I've got a ways to go but it's a delightful long term project!  What china patterns do you love?

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