Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the road again

I love to travel.  Lucky for me I travel for work a LOT.  I'm back in the saddle & on the road again after a two month break.  I was actually rather nervous beforehand, but once I woke up this morning (at 5 bells!  Eeeks!) I felt great.  I was so excited to get going!  Getting organized & packed was so good for me (I have a tendency towards the...uncontained & unorganized...I'm working on it).  Then I was on the road.  Travel time is great because I have to catch up with people - I had a fantastic conversation with mom this morning.  She is fantastic & I love hearing what she's thinking about.  I had some fantastic meetings today, which makes me happy & will give me some good things to work on in the coming weeks. 

And THEN - I'd been waiting for a WEEK for this!  I had lunch at PF Changs.  Mock if you will, but I love that place.  It was the perfect place to eat today because I'm on a new nutritional kick & they worked up a great healthy dish for me that was full of red chilis & white vineager & veggies & grilled steak.  It more than lived up to my fantasy & kept me full for hours.  Love it.

Now I'm tucked away at a charming Holiday Inn Express, my budget hotel of choice, working away.  Procrastinating by blogging.  Napping.  Working.  It feels good to get back into it again.

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