Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A manifesto

Here's the scenario: boy likes girl.  Girl likes boy.

Boy & girl start talking & laughing & having fun.

Boy & girl start to really like each other.

(As surmised by the girl) boy realizes that girl likes him a lot.  Boy starts to play games.  And starts acting a LOT like an idiot.


I have spent a lot of time in a LOT of relationships making excuses for boyfriends who have less-than-desirable behavior.  (But I liked/loved them so much!  Can't everyone else see that?  NO, Emily, they can't.  What they can see is the incredibly low bar that you set for them and the incredible disrespect & bad behavior you accept from them.)

Anyway.  Here's the thing.  This is my New Years resolution! (along with standing up straight!)

Stop settling for less than what I deserve when it comes to the men I am dating.  Is it too much to think that someone should put forth the effort to call instead of text? Open car and building doors? Make plans in advance instead of wait until the last minute? Or simply take me & my time into consideration? 

It’s time to raise my standards and hold confident what I believe in. This starts by thinking and knowing what my standards and requirements are.  I want to be in love & I want a beautiful life together & I want to create a loving family together.  I want someone who is strong, courageous, loving, smart, kind, and who WANTS to work together to become better together.  I want someone who is a leader in our home.  I want a gentleman who will love & honor me, as I want someone that I can love & honor as well.

I want love in my life.  I want to be in love.  I want to love someone.  I believe that we are meant to love.  And I believe that I will find someone wonderful.


lizzie said...

I'm sending this to my sister. :)

Abby said...

I am Lizzie's sister, and HECK yes! You expressed my sentiments perfectly. Is it too much to ask for a man who you like and likes you back, and who can act his age, and be chivalrous? Maybe that is a tall order, but I'm with you in holding out for that love that I don't have to make excuses for.