Monday, June 1, 2009

Aaaand we're back to our regularly scheduled programming

Back at "work". Phmph. This morning I was greeted like a long-lost bayou princess. They clearly missed me more than I missed them.

First day of Jessica's summer "job", which means lil' Tulip will be living a bit more of her daytime life in her luxurious cratey-crate. Which also means we will be arising a fair bit earlier to ensure she gets some nice, proper exercise before her 8 hour nap. Which today (because she still can't run - I mean, she can run, we just feel like we can't run her on a leash yet) meant frolicking in the front yard. While Jessica read the paper. While I took a nap on the porch. Napping while the sun rises is fabulous. The perfect way to begin your day.

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