Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What I did over the weekend

What a busy, busy weekend. After multiple errands with E (the very best errand-running buddy!) and dropping him off at his car, we scavenged for lunch and found a perfectly cute, perfectly perfect little gem of a restaurant. Il Posto Cafe. Where they have several varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade oreo cookies. Major, major yumminess. AND (joy of joys) I discovered that they have H&H bagels. REAL H&H bagels. Shipped down daily from New York. An everything bagel, toasted, with cream cheese and sliced tomato. Doesn't matter where it's eaten, it's delicious. It made here feel that much more like home.

Then, because we were feeling all dreamy and romantical following our decadent lunch, we drove around the Garden District looking at the pretty homes. After finding a wedding party boarding their special wedding streetcar (so fun - the streetcar was covered with pink tulle and flowers - June in New Orleans is filled with weddings!) we went home to our little home and proceeded to fixer-upper for a while. Painting in bikinis while keeping a puppy out of the paint is always a fun game. Then it was on to puppy kindergarten, where we were informed that our little darling has some.....shall we say, behavioral deficiencies. Yes, tell me something I don't know. But we all had a good time and are now hard at work enforcing the lessons we learned. Lil' Tulip is learning. Slooooooooooooowly.

A couple of sleepless nights later (Tulip is back in her crate at night and vociferously protesting her lot in life, from 1AM to 5AM when we finally gave in and let her out. Weak!) here I am. The weekend was a great one. Lots of fun, lots of great news, lots of happiness.

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Steve said...

picture of the painting please (what is it with all the "p"s?)